Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Scourge of BGs...

I have never been too fond of Arenas (I miss my old Honor system honestly). I played in season 1 ... got Rival... hated it...never did it again. To this day I have not stepped into another arena, not even for points and one of the reasons is i tend not only to dislike arena itself but the people who thrive there.

The vast majority of 'good' Arena players I have encountered are extremely arrogant pricks and while these 'good' Arena players do well and have good gear to back up their arrogance... the foundation of their success is usually a good composition, good teammates and community strats. This is not really a bad thing in itself ... if Arena players were to stay in their arenas... Unfortunately they have to do BGs for certain things and this is where my friction with them occurs...

You see a lot of these well geared pricks play arena because they get to focus on the one thing they are good at... killing people / healing 1-4 people. They are both unwilling and incapable of the strategic thought for objective based PvP that are battlegrounds. You of course need people that are good at killing people to win a BG. Even if you have an intelligent team if they can't kill something it won't matter. But at the same time a team made up of people who rush blindly into a fight without any sense of the objective are also detrimental.  I personally have lost many more BGs due to the ignoring of objectives than i have due to lack of power and in many cases it is a 'Good' (in other words some guy with top end gear and /or title) arena players that have screwed me over.

Not too long ago (mid S6) I was in a Strand of the Ancients battle. Our Offense was going well, our first push was stopped just outside the yellow gate which is fine, we still had plenty of time to get through. As I am riding from yellow back down to one of the workshops I get the dreaded "Alliance have captured the southern Graveyard" message (If you don't know... NEVER EVER cap south graveyard). I checked my map and proceeded to yell at the person that capped it in BG chat in hopes of embarrassing him into never doing it again. As it turns out the person who capped it was a Gladiator Warlock in full furious gear. His response to me was... 'DO MORE DAMAGE NOOB'... This is one of the most idiotic responses I have ever heard. This guy actions ended up causing us to lose because he had no real sense of the objective at hand all he was concerned with, as he later said, was getting a graveyard closer to the enemy. He topped the damage charts by a large margin for sure and that would have been fine if he had left the objectives alone and did what he was good at.

That is the problem though. The arrogance of these meat-headed arena players means they believe hey are gods gift to whatever team they are on and won't listen to any sort of intelligent thought. They fight on road, in fields... anywhere not near objectives. They cap would things that you should NEVER cap and they cap things that if they thought about the situation they should not... or they just ride right past the things they should cap. They ignore vehicles and go for players... and often (surprisingly) they ignore healers too. 

Blizzard needs to just make everything an Arena player would want available through arenas so they don't have to get involved in REAL PvP and annoy the rest of us.


  1. That's an interesting idea...I'll have to think about whether I agree with it 100% or not but still. On the one hand, it seems like serious arena people are a small percentage of the population so you don't have to deal with very many of them. On the other hand, one guy can screw the whole thing up, as you so astutely observe.

    Found you on Blog Azeroth, I'm going to blogroll you if that's ok (even if it's not, actually...buwahahaha) -- not enough PVP blogs, gotta stick together :-)

  2. Amen Brother! Arena players (dudes sporting arena weapons usually) are the most likely to /spit, /lol, and tea-bag. Their contempt for the BGs really shows.

    Nice blog, too.